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The Era of The M.B.A:

We’re living in a time where a M.B.A is absolutely necessary for your career or so they say. An unexpected problem that this trend has caused is the sudden rise of these rather irritating and annoying people. You meet them everyday and everywhere. These people are of various kinds but what is common between them is that all of them are either preparing for the entrance, are studying the course or already ‘have’ the degree. Here are some of the categories :-

1) The aspiring kind – These are people who are preparing for the entrance. You ask them and they’ll tell you everything the cut off, exam pattern, last dates etc. No, the real problem is that even if you don’t ask them they’ll tell you everything. These people are otherwise nice, just ignore them when they’re talking about all this.

2)The smug kind – These are the people who’re already studying or have the above mentioned degree. They believe that any alternative to this degree is an impractical career decision. Obviously because of this degree they can handle any kind of work or situation. As far as they’re concerned they’re an expert on and at everything. They are the real assholes, you must put them in their place.

3)The sheep kind – These are people who want this degree only because mama papa said so, kyunki baki sab bhi yehi kar rahe hain, nahin toh aur kya karenge… They’ve never been interested in anything they’ve ever done including their undergrad degree. At most you can pity them.

4)The normal kind – This category has been created for people who opt to pursue this course out of their own free will, don’t berate what other people are doing and have a reason to believe that they’re taking the right decision.



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