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Man Proposes…

They were going to celebrate the occasion. Nothing compared to the excitement that enveloped all of them before this event. It was a show of their creativity, hardwork, of what they had learnt from their previous mistake. It was a new beginning. It was New Year’s eve . 2012 was about to begin. There is something so refreshing about a fresh start. To be able to begin from scratch. To see an opportunity to correct what went wrong. They had decided to launch their project on 1st January 2012 as a mark to a new beginning.

The food had arrived. It was being arranged on the unusually long table. Everyone’s favorite dish had been cooked. They ate nervously. New projects bring with them a blend of anxiety and excitement. They were to launch their project at sharp 12. They engaged in cryptic conversations to rid themselves of the fear.

“Do you think this would be a disaster like last time.”

“No, nothing can beat that. It was unstoppable and destructive.”

“Wouldn’t have happened had we not added the extra element by mistake…”

They all gorged on the delicious food, and simultaneously went over the pros and cons. They had lost too much of peace owing to their last creation. Hopefully this one would be better. These decisions are tough as one has to live with them for quite some time.

The weather was stormy. Surprisingly it was similar across all continents. Everyone was out to party on New Year’s eve. Girls looking their pretty best, young boys engrossed in their attempts to charm and young children busy listing their resolutions. Everyone enjoying and pretending that a change in date would change their lives.

They had eaten their food. The clock struck 12. The beautiful cake was put on the table. They dug the knife into the cake…

The storm became unbelievably violent. It was beyond normal. The storm swept away everything with it. It was a matter of seconds. There was nothing left on earth, absolutely nothing. The cold winds lead to a dramatic drop in the temperature. The entire planet was encased in a sheet of ice. There was no life, no vegetation. Just rock and ice.

They were glad about how neatly the entire process went about. Each person enjoying the cake. It was a beautiful beginning indeed. Soon a meeting of all the Gods would be called to decide after how many million years the new species shall rule on earth. Hopefully it wouldn’t be as destructive as their last accident- humans. They all rejoiced.



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