About me

I can no longer relate to the the about me section I wrote a few years ago. In keeping with that, I’ve edited sections that I feel no longer describe me. I’m that quiet girl who doesn’t talk much, is afraid of going to new places and meeting new people . You’ll find meΒ  in some corner cribbing about the loud music and horrible dance moves in every party (I do this only because I don’t know how to dance and not because of the recent trend of trying to prove oneself to be socially inept ). I enjoy a healthy doze of exaggeration, the only source of drama in my otherwise monotonous life. To sum it up, I can be a little boring.

I used to be a huge Ayn Rand fan. There is something about that kind of individualism that appeals to you when you’re a teenager. I still think that she’s a wonderful author but can see glaring flaws in the philosophy of objectivism. I believe that, you are what you enjoy reading. Recently I picked up Mahabharat and read the Bhagavag Gita extensively. Yeah so I’m all about selfless giving and that kind of jazz now. No, but really it’s an awe-inspiring, beautiful and elevating text. I feel that it has enabled me to look at the larger picture in life and extend compassion towards others. Although, there is always a chasm between thought and behaviour (one of the most extensively discussed topics in psychology). So this who I am right now (I think):

> I want to help people irrespective of the probability of their doing the same for me
> I want to be empowered with the ability of engaging in action without fear of failure
> I want to make more friends (that’s a first)
> I want a job
> I don’t want to have anything to do with psychology. If I count school my relationship with psychology has lasted seven years and I think it’s the seven year itch.

I hope you know me better now :).


12 responses to “About me

  1. Ummm…you seem like it would be fun knowing you even after that warning. but i guess it’s already too late for me. Also, the using psychology for your own benefit thing seems like good advice for you. πŸ˜› That stuff about you in love with the word ‘I’ is sooo you. ❀

  2. The first para => Me! Instead of those strange-looking-horrible-conscious dance moves, I’d prefer a glass of drink and ensconce myself in one corner.

    Psychology does ignite optimism and extends a new kind of thought function! Does it?

    Nice ‘I’ you told. It’s great to know a psychologist when ‘I’ know I’m turning into one soulless idiot. πŸ˜€

    • I feel kind of lost in such places =). I’m not really known for my optimism but I hope studying Psychology has helped in some way. You’ve given the ‘I’ it’s due importance. =)

  3. Hey! That’s a pretty pretty good ‘about me’ you’ve written there! I’m with you on most things πŸ™‚

  4. Aakanksha Khanna

    LOL !
    I like ! I like ! πŸ˜€

  5. I made a check against each sentence of the first para. This page made me subscribe to your blog. All the best!

  6. Thank you :). It’s nice to know you liked it.

  7. “I want to make more friends” ! that stood out the most! πŸ˜› Love this slightly transformed you :D!

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